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Discovering Your Inner Treasure (Free)

Listen to Randall on the Building Better Relationships show [on BlogTalk Radio] with Gary Loper as they talk about Discovering Your Inner Treasure.

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Taking A Mind Vacation (Free)

A September 2011 talk by Randall Krause at Unity Church in Thousand Oaks, CA

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By For About Women Radio Interview with Edie Galley (Free)

Randall Krause is interviewed by By For About Women Radio founder Edie Galley

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Guided Mantra Meditation (Free)

This is an introductory mantra meditation with breath. In this meditation, you can sit on a chair and the instructions assume you are doing so. The meditation is brief, just enough to feel relaxed. You are welcome to meditate longer — simply keep your eyes closed when the recording says to open them.

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Book Audio

These audios accompany the book “Pathways to Self-Awareness: Contemplations on Yoga Meditation and a Do-It-Yourself Meditation Manual” (available on Amazon here). They require a password (from the book) to download.

  1. [ddownload id=”225″ text=”Lesson 1: Diaphragmatic Breathing in Makarasana (Crocodile) Position”]
  2. [ddownload id=”226″ text=”Lesson 2: Diaphragmatic Breathing in Shavasana (Corps) Position”]
  3. [ddownload id=”227″ text=”Lesson 3: Relaxation Practices: Tense and Relax and Successive Relaxation”]
  4. [ddownload id=”228″ text=”Lesson 4: Diaphragmatic Breathing While Sitting”]
  5. [ddownload id=”229″ text=”Lesson 5: Putting It All Together: Basic Sitting Meditation”]
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